I am Ignasi Boza. HMI Automotive Designer based in Barcelona.

Currently working remotely for Lotus Cars LTCC in Coventry, UK.

Lotus Eletre: The all-electric hyper-SUV.

The Lotus Cars satellite studio (LTCC) has created Eletre, the first-ever electrified SUV that completely reimagines what Lotus stands for. Despite pushing the boundaries of what is expected of a car in its segment, Eletre remains true to its heritage while bringing a harmonious Interaction Design to the forefront of the product.


Design Systems have become a key part of my everyday work at Lotus LTCC. The Design System is the single source of truth which units all the elements that will allow the teams to design, accomplish and develop the CSD screen.


The 15.1" screen played a critical role in the overall aesthetic of the interior design and embodied the 'Mindful Design' philosophy implemented by the LTCC design team. This approach emphasized simplicity and ease of use across the User Experience, as well as incorporating a 'reactive day-night' mode into the Design System.


I have defined the bases for a modular Design System completely inspired by Brad Frost and based on atoms, molecules, and organisms. The Design System helps in documenting the whole design components and UI patterns in a clear way, which ultimately helps the team work in a tighter and well-documented way.


The key screen concepts to be incorporated into the system comprised six primary pages: widgets, navigation, vehicle, settings, apps and media. Each key screen is using design components from the Design Library, providing the driver with a consistent and fluid experience.

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