The Fintech App for Blockchain Generation

What is it?

BITGEN is a new generation App for Financial Services. It offers a wide range of investment products through a marketplace resembling the dynamics of an App Store.

Our priority

In BITGEN the priority is the client, this explains why the App has a unique interface. It is supported by a set of usability algorithms operating to facilitate all processes.


BITGEN uses gamification strategies to increase usage frequencies and to create a new way of interacting with the financial ecosystem. It is complementary to traditional banking.


In addition, BITGEN has been built with blockchain technology based on the SequenceTM ledger. This ledger is also used by Visa and Nasdaq.


BITGEN offers investment products in a Market with similar characteristics as an App Store. It is structured around the customer's preferences which in turn are estimated via an algorithm. In addition, it presents prominent diaries obtained from social networks.

The portfolio includes a wide variety of products: Currencies, shares, cryptocurrencies, gold, or investment tokens; these are founded on the guarantee that they can be made liquid at any given time.


BITGEN has an interface designed for the user and aimed at swiftly executing end to end operations. The purchasing processes lack superfluous elements such as formularies which are replaced by estimated amount and / or gesture selector buttons.

The pre-selected amount of purchase is performed by an algorithm based on the average consumption range for each customer and is linked to the rewards scale.


BITGEN allows for instant liquidity and best price allocation for any asset subscribed to in its Marketplace. Furthermore, its exclusive Instant Exchange module allows one to exchange any asset for another, instantly and with minimum commissions.

For example, you can exchange shares of Apple for the same value in Tesla, or exchange Gold Investments for Litecoin; a simple operation lasting 15 seconds.


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BITGEN has a system prioritizing the completion of the purchase process. This is carried out through conventional PSP revenues together with other alternative solutions such as portfolio divestment, pre-approved credit, or the most effective combination of two forms of payment.

The autonomous credit unit analyzes the risk in real time, based on the assets in the portfolio, and pre-approves a first hook-up tranche at zero interest. .


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BITGEN is a development of Chain Ventures Ltd.,
a venture capital based in United Kingdom
Unit 3 Merchant, Evegate Business Park, Ashford, Kent,
England, TN25 6SX